Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health – OSH

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Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) obliges employers to assess risk at every workplace and work environment, make the general act which defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of employees in the field of occupational safety and health and complete the required documentation on specific forms.

While many businessmen today think of this obligation  as another needless expense imposed by the state, performing risk assessment is a good opportunity to analyze and improve business, and  reduce  the possibility of unforeseen expenses  to a minimum.

B2MV - BZR-OSHRespecting the basic conditions of the OSH, we protect the biggest asset there is – human life.

Risk assessment as a process of determining the quantitative and qualitative conditions related to a specific situation and potential dangers (hazards) is a complex process and involves several related and mutually conditioned activity:

• Start the risk assessment process
(Establishing the decision of the employer and the Plan of Implementation);

• Preparation of documentation
(Preparing the Act of assessment of risk, the Rules of OSH and Rules of required  records);

• Training of employees for occupational safety and health;

• Preparing and filling out the reports of  OSH
(Where it required by regulations).
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