Training of employees

B2MV - Training of the employees

If necessary or desired by the employer, B2MV Agency is authorized and qualified to conduct the entire process of training the employees, and also test their knowledge in accordance with the regulations of occupational safety and health.

Training of the employees for occupational safety and health is a process that every employer is obliged to perform before starting employment of each employee, when there is transfer of an employee to another position, prior to implementation of new technologies or changing the work process.

In the theoretical and practical training of employees, B2MV Agency offers following services:
• Making plans and training programs for each specific requirement of work;
• Performing adequate education;
• Conducting tests of employees;
• Filling out required forms (Form number 6)

The following photo gallery shows training classes for employees..

Usually the training is organized at the workplace, but if there is a need to perform these classes for numerous employees, the classes will be given in suitable show rooms, organized by B2MV Agency.

In addition of employee training, B2MV Agency also conducts  training for managers on topics of implementation of occupational safety and health, introducing them to basic concepts in this area, regulations, rights and obligations of employers and workers by OSH, as well as economic aspects of investing in safe and healthy work environment.

Managers will receive information regarding the documents they are required to prepare:
• Risk Assessment Act;
• OSH Regulations;
• Cooperation with the OSH Inspection and other services.

B2MV  Agency  is also  licensed to issue Certificates of qualifications in the workplace for forklift operators, drivers of heavy machinery, etc.


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