Managing OHS in Your Company

B2MV Services

By signing the contract on business and technical cooperation, B2MV Agency is taking over the OSH management in your company, the head offices and all other work and production facilities. The contract is signed for a fixed or open period, and in that time our Agency is taking the responsibility for::

• Control and advising the employer in planning, selection, use and maintenance of work equipment , dangerous  materials, substances and equipment for personal protection;
• Participating in equipping and organizing  workplace in order to provide safe and healthy working conditions;
• Participating in the establishment of OSH systems in accordance with new regulations;
• Organizing  training in the field of occupational safety and health for all new employees;
• Proposing measures to improve work conditions, and preventive and periodic testing of employees and work equipment;
• Organizing a visit to the work place  of the employer once a month in order to determine the deviation of the proposed measures in the Act of the assessment of risk and make proposals for their elimination;
• Maintaining regular  contact with the managers in the company, and assisting in solving potential OSH problems;
• Providing continuous consulting services in domain of  OSH.

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