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B2MV Offers

Legal services are a prerequisite for the business of every undertaking, from its foundation, through the drafting of regulations, labor contracts, to the liquidation of the company. In order to provide the most complete service, the B2MV Agency has signed a Business Co-operation Agreement with the

B2MV - Legal ServicesBOK Agency is a specialized agency in the area of Labor Law, Business Law and Accounting, which is offering services and professional assistance in establishing new companies, systematization of human resources, liquidation of companies, formalizing procedures, all kinds of  contracts, and other services in this area. Feel free to contact us or visit their website at


Preparation of normative acts on the basis of the work:

• Rules of Procedure;
• Regulation on the classification and organization of work;
• Regulation on work discipline of employees on the job;
• Employment contract (with performance test);
• Annex of employment contract;
• Regulation on the rights of employees;
• Regulation on termination of employment and termination on all legal grounds.

Law Preparation of documentation and registration in the Business Entities Registrar (APR)

• Company (preparation of the initial act);
• All kinds of changes in the company;
• Liquidation of companies (deletion from Business Entities Registrar).


Preparation of normative acts:

• Regulation on Accounting and accounting policies;
• Regulation on the annual turnover;
• Regulation on waste and write-offs;
• Regulation on the costs of advertising, propaganda and representation.

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