Risk Assessment Act

B2MV - Risk Assessment Act

Risk Assessment Act is a fundamental and most important document in the field of occupational safety and health. Article 13 of the Law of OSH proscribes responsibility of all employers to “make a written Act of risk assessment for all professions in the work environment and identifies ways and measures for their elimination.” Enactment of this Act considers a total state of work conditions in every workplace and work environment, establishes policies and priorities for the improvement of work conditions, and reduces all risks to a minimum.

B2MV - Akt o proceni rizikaRisk Assessment Act, is the basic document in the process of defining risks and measures for their elimination. It is based on determining the kinds of hazards and potential hazards in all workplaces in the work environment, according to the list of dangers and hazards given in the Regulations on the manner and process of risk assessment, Manual for risk assessment of the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (EUOSHA), and the EU check lists for each individual profession.

By timely recognizing the risks in your business environment, you significantly reduce or totally eliminate the costs that result from an injury at work or professional illness, and oblige your employees to comply with all the measures envisaged by the Risk Assessment Act.

B2MV Sasvim sigurno pečat

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