Nutritionist’s Tips

Bad habits - Eating at workplace

We are all aware that every work day brings  the question “What shall I eat today?” for the 6-8 hours spent at work? Here are some tips from our nutritionist:

• Bring with you food that you eat on your lunch break. It is best to buy a plastic vacuum container where you can pack: a salad or some fresh vegetables (instead of oil and vinegar, use ground nuts and fresh lemon juice), chicken or veal steak (baked on Teflon), rye bread, fresh fruit;
• While you eat, do not work or do anything else (type on your computer, make phone calls, surf on the Internet), because that way you will needlessly consume more food;

• Try to make a schedule for meals and follow it on a daily basis. 
• Eat slowly and chew well and long, because this will help the digestion of food;

• Make sure you have some breakfast  before going to work – this will  supply your body with  the necessary energy for the day, prevent early feeling of tiredness and “hunger pangs”;
• Limit yourself to only 1-2 cups of coffee a day (these days there is a habit of frequent use of coffee during work hours). Adequate substitute for coffee can be tea (black, green or herbal);
• Take a lunch break out of the office, to get some fresh air;
• We all know we should consume more fluids during the day, but sometimes our work carries us away and we forget. Best thing is to keep a bottle of water by our side. Adequate amount of water will help us maintain concentration, and help us not to mistake simple need for water for a feeling of hunger;
• Avoid snacks like potato chips, fried peanuts, popcorn which are over-salted and full of fat. Dried fruits and nuts (walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts), fresh carrots and celery are excellent replacement.

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