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Regulations on safety and health at work
An employer with more than ten employees is required to have not only the Risk Assessment Act, but also a General Act which regulates the rights, duties and responsibilities in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH).

That general act is the Act of the Regulations of OSH. 
An employer, who has up to ten employees, will regulate issues of occupational safety and health with the Employment Contract and some additional annexes.

Regulation of records in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OHS)
This document has been established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and it provides a way of making the documentation in the OHS.

Regulation has two parts:
• Instructions for managing documents through forms of communication between business entities and institutions involved in the process to secure a safe and  healthy working conditions: labor inspection, occupational medicine, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.

• 14 forms that cover the issue of OSH in commercial entities.
The most important of them is Form No. 6, which is signed by all employees as proof of their capability to safely perform on the job..

Instruction for occupational safety and health:
• General regulations for the reduction of risk in everyday activities;
• Reaction in emergency situations;
• Preventive measures against fire;
• First aid;
• Instructions for operating machines and other equipment or instruments.

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